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Cloud Forest Trails

A heaven for nature loving and bird watchers. Beautiful places to enjoy the variety of birds, 300 rare species of humming birds and many other different types.

See monkeys and other small animals, giant trees, orchids and bromeliads. Wild view of the waterfalls and the river. Experienced or naturalist guides will accompany you and supply all the explanations of the forest and its inhabitants to complete this exciting experience.

You are invited to visit our orchid nursery where you will see a large variety of bromeliads and orchids species.

In the night tour, you will observe the night life of the cloud forest by walking surrounded by a thick jungle.

The cloud forest trails length is around 5km in total and there are 5 of them to choose between Leading down to the scenic Balsa river, each trail has slightly different characteristics. The guide will choose the best one to experience according to the weather and the season for the best feel of the forest. The comfortable trails, surrounding by nature silence and harmony, many birds and small animals, flowers, orchids, incredible huge trees, waterfalls, streams, and with some luck you will see a families of monkeys.
The guide will give explanation about the flora and the fauna and will help you to see the hiding wildlife.

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